Andelusian gelding. Age 12

March 29, 2018

Recovering from injury to right rear left fetlock. Had been injected and ultrasounded to show the annular ligament was affected. Was injected. There is still thickening on the lower limb.  

Notes from Session 1 -  March 29, 2018: 

Withers have evidence of old tissue injury from ill fitting saddles. 

First touch, on the Magical area right behind the scapula on the left, he let out a sign and a blow. This is probably old restriction from holding himself diagonally to get the weight off the sore right rear?

Right rear foot slightly clubbed from the injury. Eyes excessively runny, and they ran more with the releases. 

Hamstrings on both sides very reactive and tight. Worked at loosening them up, and releasing the long leg ligaments by releasing the origins at the base of the bicep femoris, the semitendinosis and semimembranosis, and any other muscle/tendon that was involved. Did lots of releasing on the sacrum as well from the top side. When I connected the stifle and the hip fascia I got a big diaphragm release. 

Neck and pol are overall very good. Somewhat braced at the jaw, but nothing out of line. Liked the tongue release. May be involved with the runny eyes. 

Horse has pendicular habronema on the belly. A summer sore that forms in a ball, and then descends away from the torso, and eventually falls off.