Name: RUMA

Dates: April 6; June 1; Aug 3 2018

Initial Evaluation

Horse description and history Age, breed, medical and functional history, current use. Hard tissues (Conformation. Bone spurs. Founder. Arthritis.). Metabolic issue.

6 yr old ex race horse. Sold to a18 year old who failed trying to retrain her. Then sent to a trainer, who failed because the horse was “too hot”. Then given to a rescue, and adapted by Janet in 2017. 

Broken wind. I believe this means “Horses with laryngeal hemiplegia have paralysis of the arytenoid cartilage, which prevents them from abducting or opening their throat during inspiration. This leads to decreased airflow into the lungs due to obstruction from the paralyzed cartilage resulting in respiratory noise and exercise intolerance.”  Another definition of this term is asthma. Either way, this horse cannot breath well when under heavy exercise. 

Lame movements. Suspect that the tendons on the left rear fetlock are damaged. “Back is stuck”. Evidence of old injury on left front cannon bone. 

Under weight. Protruding spine - extra high withers and protruding sacrum. Horse has been gaining weight since rescue. 

Training. Janet believes the horse was ridden with extreme tie downs. And with ill fitting saddle. 

Conformation. Visually obvious abnormalities. Bladder meridian markers. Fascia binding points reactivity. Legs and feet. Allowance of touch at poll and face. Obvious imbalances on diagonals.

Evidence of leg/fetlock injury. Scarring on left rear from a cut or rope burn. Something caught on that leg. Maybe an accident. Maybe from training (leg tying). Permanent swelling on right front lower leg, as through a tendon injury had healed with extra collagen.

Evidence of carpal damage on the right front. Swollen medial. 

Session 1 - April 6, 2018 

  • TMJ and pol very sore. Gave huge releases on both sides of the face, and at the pol. 
  • Funicular cord seems stretched and elevated. Tender along all aspects of the top line. 
  • Extremely elevated sacrum - sticks up like a tower. 
  • Extremely reactive and sore at the withers. Caudal, center and posterior. 
  • Left hind was hard to release at the pelvis. Finally with the fascia lata move she let go and dropped the leg. 
  • Sacral lumbar and entire back very sore.
  • Loved having the Glutes released. 


Session #2: June 1, 2018

Changes since last session. Softer going when ridden. Easier to keep 


Major Areas of release:

Untitled 2.png

Ventral pelvis - medial. The abs, the inner and under muscles from the stifle up through the underbelly. 

Rear legs swing inward and interfere. HORSE WOULD NOT ALLOW HAND INTO RIGHT THE MEDIAL STIFLE.   I could get into the gracilis from behind. Released that whole complex with gracilis and the dorsal lumbar. Used Connected Flow visualizations to get the release

(On session 3, Ruma was HAPPY to let me into the medial stifle, and released another layer

Front shoulders/ribs/C6+7 stuck. She resisted release, but did give a lot. 

Giraffed on the neck when I worked on C4-7 on the left especially. Very hard for her to bend and soften. I think this is from the back and shoulders. 

Knees may have had bone chips. Very common in race horses. 

Video shows a lot more releasing and softening, and the criss cross pattern.

Session 3

August 3, 2018

Janet reports that Ruma is doing really well. New saddle that fits both. Going long and low easily. Picking up both canter leads smoothly. Too hot to ride hard though. 

The key issues this session are the shoulders and the back just behind the scapula, especially on the right. The tissue over the latissimus/serretas was hard feeling on both sides. But more so on the right. After working over the whole horse, when I came to that area again it triggered spasms. We resolved them using Connected Flow - Janet holding the spasm area and me touching the pol. I found that she needed the deepest work on the shoulder groove on the left, which set up the release on the right. 

At the beginning of the session I released the right front slowly, and the left rear did a deep release. The video shows it beautifully. 

She allowed me to go deep into her medial rear legs without any resistance. Last time she was not welcoming. Her pelvis is much freer this time. The work is holding. 

Her neck is way improved overall. And her pol remains soft. 

Ruma 3 notes.jpg