Oct 2017: Chica is a darling Quarterhorse mare who was handled very roughly by a former owner in her early years. Her tongue is deeply cut from a sharp bit, and her neck and shoulders have core restrictions. In addition she has front feet issues. When I worked on her chest and neck, she would show the release on her rear end, shifting her weight and lifting her legs to stretch. Chica loved the work, pausing to yawn and shake her head, then coming back to me for more!

I am looking forward to seeing how she progresses with regular bodywork. Her job now is relaxed -  trail riding and competitive trail. I expect her neck and poll to be a lot softer when I work with her again. 

Chica's Mom writes that evening: Thank you sooo much. She was pawing the ground but now came in and is thinking about eating. She really was releasing her hinney

Chica's Mom writes the next morning: Carla, Chica is doing great this morning. sure had a some bouts with stretching and pawing the ground !