The Masterson Method®

Carla is a certified Masterson Method Practitioner, since 2010. Developed by Jim Masterson, The Masterson Method® is an integrated, multi-modality method of equine massage. It is a unique, interactive method of equine massage in which you learn to recognize and use the responses of the horse to your touch to find and release accumulated tension in key junctions of the body that most affect performance. In contrast to most traditional modalities, it enables the horse to actively participate in the process of releasing tension. It is like an elegant dance. And the most fun is seeing the horses in the area yawn and blow as they too feel the flow around them

Carla was certified in 2010, and has adapted the work to her own style - as most certified practitioners do - but she works with the core principles and has found them amazingly effective for horses of all disciplines. 

Here is an example of the work from Jim Masterson's YouTube channel:



Ortho-Bionomy is a gentle, non-invasive, osteopathically-based form of body therapy which is highly effective in working with chronic stress, injuries and pains or problems associated with postural and structural imbalances. The practitioner uses gentle movements and positions of the body to facilitate the change of stress and pain patterns. A strong focus is placed on the comfort of the individual, no forceful movements are used. The practitioner also suggests home exercises that individuals can do to further facilitate the neuromuscular re-education process begun in the session. Ortho-Bionomy is very effective in helping alleviate both acute and chronic pain and stress patterns by reducing chronic muscle tension, soothing the joints, increasing flexibility, improving circulation, and relaxing the entire body. 

How does Ortho-Bionomy work?

Ortho-Bionomy stimulates the body's self-correcting and self-balancing reflexes by way of the proprioceptive reflexes located in our joints and muscles. The practitioner uses movement and gentle compression to find positions of comfort which allow the body to change the stress and pain patterns which are causing the discomfort.

Carla applies the ortho-bionomy techniques and principles on horses. 

Shamanic Healing

Carla is a world known Shamanic Healer for animals. Shamanism is the art of crossing through the veil to connect with Compassionate Beings for healing and wellness. Carla has strong energy in her hands, and she can feel the energy of the horse. Connected with Compassionate Beings, she can bring the healing power through to help the horse release tension and heal physical and emotional wounds.  

Carla is also a Reiki Master, and that sweet power flows through her in her sessions. 


Carla has been following the principles of Linda Tellington Jones' TTeam and TTouch for 25 years. She has taken many workshops and has started several horses using TTeam as the foundation training system. While Carla is not certified in these systems, they are ingrained in her from years of application.