Carla Meeske

Masterson Method Equine Bodywork in Phoenix, Arizona
Gentle Touch, Deep Release   


Gentle Touch, Deep Release

Raven yawns deeply after a lumber/sacral release

Raven yawns deeply after a lumber/sacral release


Give your horse the Freedom to Move

Carla offers Gentle Touch, Deep Release bodywork for equines. Masterson Method Certified, she uses quiet methods to discover where the animal is restricted, and she encourages the horse to release tension through very gentle and specific touches and movements. She enhances this by working with the animals energetic systems to find blockages and release restrictions throughout the entire horse, from nose to tail. 

Horses are not isolated body parts stuck together, they are fluid bodies dynamically integrated through their connective tissues. 

The releases look like magic, but they are based in physiology. Carla works with the fascia using very light, intentional touch and gentle movements. Fascia is the wrapping around the muscles, bones and organs and cavities, connecting all the parts of the horse in a weblike network. It is the most enervated tissue in the body, so when a person touches the fascia above a muscle in spasm, the muscle will release with a very light connection. (Which is good because many of the horses muscles are way too deep to reach with a deep tissue massage). Fascia also acts as a secondary nervous system, passing energetic information through its water molecules.  Carla can feel this energy in her hands. She can find stickiness and blockages in the fascia. Each release creates a ripple effect of releases throughout the whole horse. They Love It! 


“If the nervous system is like a land line, the facia is like a cell phone." 

— Dr. Lorrie Brilla - Professor of physiology, Western Washington University 


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Session Rates $85, travel charge may apply. Sessions last 1-1.5 hours. Save $10 if you come to me.  1115 West Briles Road, Phoenix AZ 85085 (Nice facility, shades, fans and misters, easy trailer turn around – off Happy Valley and 5th Ave in Phoenix AZ).

Your horse will LOVE this session, I promise! We evaluate where the horse is most restricted, identify the holding patterns, and see if anything is extra “ouchy”. Then we release the tension layer after layer. It usually takes a bit of time for the horse to learn how to release – to get used to the really light touch and let down their guard. Once they understand it, they release fast. You will even see the neighbor horses releasing along with the customer horse. Its pretty interesting how connected the herd really is!

Schedule: Call 623-776-6922 | email: 1115 West Briles Road, Phoenix, AZ 85085

I want to thank Carla Meeske for coming out today and working on Mr. Beau Diddley, He HAD sore places all over. Now he is smiling and the healing work she did with Mr. Smokie. She helped him a lot. Thanks Carla for all you do for our horses (and us through them)


Carla received her Masterson Method certification in 2010. She has additional certifications from Equissage, and coursework Cranial Sacral, and in Ortho Bionomy, T-Touch/TTeam, Equinology, and Scottsdale Community College Equine Sciences. 

Carla is renown animal communicator, shamanic healer for animals, and reiki master. These intuitive skills give her an understanding of the animal's heart and emotions. Carla’s experience allows her to connect deeply into the animal’s tissues and release the energetic blockages (trauma, bracing, fear, etc) and impart sweet healing to restore the horse’s healthy life force. She has developed a simple technique called Connected Flow that brings the compassionate healing power of the natural world through her hands. As an Ursi Reiki Master, Carla  allows the Reiki energy to flow through her whenever she works.

Icelandic horses are Carla’s breed of choice, and you can see her on the trail with her horses all over the state. Carla is a certified judge for the American Competitive Trail Horse Association (ACTHA), and supports the local rides with bodywork sessions.

In addition to her various horse related certifications, Carla holds a BA from St John’s College (Metaphysics, Philosophy, Science and Mathematics), and an MBA from Columbia University. She taught business at University of Oregon for 10 years before moving to Arizona in 2005, and before that she was the Marketing Director for NERF, way back in the 80s. She has published books and DVDs on shamanism, but really –  she lives to ride. Don’t we all?