Give your horse the Freedom to Move


Carla is a certified Masterson Method® integrated bodyworker, and she enhances her sessions with Connected Flow™  energy work, to bring loving healing to her clients on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. 

Using quiet sensitivity, she discovers where the animal is restricted, then she melts away the tension through gentle and specific touches and movements. Carla focuses on releasing the restrictions in the facia/muscle complex that restrict movement and make a horse sore. Her work helps restore flexibility and performance from head to hoof.

Carla uses the Masterson Method as her central manual therapy approach, and she integrates techniques from Cranial Sacral and Ortho-Bionomy  (branches of Osteopathy). Carla’s  Connected Flow  imparts compassionate power through her hands, to deepen the healing through the horse’s body and soul.

Carla offers sessions throughout the greater Phoenix area (trip charges may apply) and at her barn in North Central Phoenix. She travels to northern AZ in the summer as well.

Carla’s clinics teach you simple techniques to help your own horse. Combining Masterson Method core concepts with Connected Flow – our way of connecting to the compassionate life force of nature – you will find the places where your horse needs help, and give him the sweet loving releases he deserves. Our promise – Regularly using these techniques will make your horse happier, improve his performance, and bring you into an even deeper connection with your best friend!

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